Being happy with a slice of pizza: medical stories worth telling

It is hard to imagine what our life would be like if we could not eat the vast majority of foodstuffs, even if we had rationed products as healthy as vegetables in our daily diet. 

We are what we eat. That is why it is so hard to put oneself in the shoes of patients with Maple Syrup Urine Disease (MSUD). These are people who have the misfortune of having a very limited diet.

MSUD is an inherited genetic disorder. The disease appears because of an error of metabolism, which generates the accumulation of amino acids (leucine, isoleucine and valine) that patients eliminate through body fluids such as urine. The name of this disease, which is classified as rare (1 in every 200,000 births), stems directly from one of its symptoms: the smell of the urine of these patients is similar to maple syrup. Fortunately, the team of Dr. George Mazariegos at Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh, USA, has succeeded in curing the disease through liver transplantation. A treatment that provides patients the enzymes necessary to process Read more

What is a myocardial infarction, and why does it occur?

In this video, Dr. José Luis Zamorano, Head of Department of Cardiology at Ramón y Cajal Hospital, explains how the heart functions and how a heart attack, a major coronary heart disease, manifests itself.

The heart suffers without oxygen

The blockage of the coronary arteries can lead to a situation whereby oxygen does not reach a part of the heart, which becomes necrotic (dies) and subsequently causes a heart attack.

Enjoy the detailed explanation of one of the most renowned specialists in cardiology, as well as peace of mind with simple and clear information about health issues that concern you.

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Enjoying a healthier summer

Summer is, perhaps, one of the most eagerly awaited seasons: good weather, holidays, the outdoors, the mountains or the beach stimulate our desire to have fun, but as a result, our health can sometimes be neglected.

In addition to a lot more time to have fun with friends and family, we must not forget that the summer time brings high temperatures which may even turn into heat waves. This is a phenomenon that affects the health of the elderly and the chronically ill, which becomes a headache for health authorities each year.

Recommendations that are not so obvious Some health tips can seem repetitive, but nevertheless we must continue to take them into account and, above all, to put them into practice on a daily basis. Therefore, at Best Doctors, we insist on these two basic recommendations for the summer time. 1. - Hydrate continuously with water or fresh juices, even if you are not thirsty. Our body´s hydration requirements will be greater with high temperatures. We must be alert and avoid health problems by drinking plenty of liquids. 2 – Do not do exercise in the middle of the day. Who has not seen Read more