Infertility: the greatest fear of many couples

One of the main concerns of couples who want to have children is the possibility of having infertility problems that prevent them from fulfilling their great wish.

To deal with this situation, we should seek advice from a specialist in order to obtain an in-depth knowledge of the specific case of both partners to rule out diseases or problems, but also to find, to the extent possible, the most effective treatment or solution.

Definition and Causes According to the definition of given by the World Health Organization, “infertility” is the inability of a sexually active couple, who does not use contraception, to achieve pregnancy within one year. Contrary to popular opinion, infertility can occur in men as well as in women, and for very different reasons. Female Infertility In the case of women fertility, problems are often linked to ovulation or to the Fallopian tubes. -       Ovulation problems They may occur by anovulation: the altering of the ovulation as a result of ovarian dysfunctions making women incapable of producing eggs. Problems may also arise when ovulation exists, but it Read more

Skin cancer is a preventable disease

Today, 13th of June, is the European Day for Skin Cancer Prevention. A disease that can be prevented if we take precautions as well as responsibility for our health.

We must know and understand the risks of excessive exposure to ultraviolet rays. We can not forget that the skin is an organ of our body. In fact, it is the largest of all, with an approximate surface area of 2 m2 and a thickness ranging from 0.5 mm on the eyelids to 4 mm on the heel.

Protecting our skin is in our hands. It's not complicated. If we think of the good of our health and we want to avoid diseases that may prove to be serious, the tips are very clear:  - Do not expose yourself excessively to the sun, especially during the most dangerous times: between 11 am and 15 pm -  Always wear sunglasses and protective clothing - Use a sun cream with a sun protection factor appropriate for your skin type - Reduce solarium sessions Figures and types of cancer  Skin cancer is the most common of all. According to WHO data, in December 2009 the global figures Read more

Surgeries that can be avoided

Today medical advances in treatments and orthopaedic solutions can avoid numerous operations, ensuring that there is a quicker recovery time, while having less impact on the patient’s body through less aggressive treatments.

At Best Doctors, we consider it vital to have a thorough and reliable diagnosis before any decision on the treatment of the patient is made. For this reason, we rely on the second medical opinion as a way of reinforcing any initial diagnosis. We must take into account that incorrect or inaccurate diagnosis may complicate or even prolong the recovery process of a patient.

With regard to this reality, Dr. Christine K. Cassel, Director of the American Board of Internal Medicine, considers that 30% of medical spending does not have a direct impact on the patient nor does it solve their problems. In addition, she says that unnecessary treatments are not just an economic threat due to the expenditure they involve, but in some cases, they may even imply a risk to the patient’s health. Cases such as Thom McDaniels’, a well-known football coach, are more and more frequent. His case is characteristic of a professional in a very demanding sport which took him to Read more