Gynaecological examination – an appointment you must not overlook

Although some women find it difficult to go to the gynaecologist due to a variety of reasons (embarrassment, discomfort, etc.), the truth is that from a health point of view, this appointment is a must, as it will enable you to prevent the risks of cancer and different STDs, as well as to review fertility options for future pregnancies.

The importance of an annual check up At Best Doctors we believe in prevention as an essential tool in the fight against health problems. Therefore, a yearly visit to the gynaecologist is recommended when a woman’s sex life begins. It is a routine gynaecological examination primarily based on the Pap smear test, which allows the gynaecologist to find possible injury to the cervix or detect early stages of cervical cancer. In either of these eventualities, we have the possibility of keeping the health problem under control, by way of specific medical follow-ups or surgery. What is a Pap smear? It is carried out for further Read more

Taking care of our daily routine can improve migraines

Migraines are surely one of the biggest health challenges we face today. Millions of patients worldwide suffer from the symptoms of this highly disabling disease, which has an impact on the lives of those who suffer from it, as well as the lives of their nearest and dearest – family, friends, coworkers.

We at Best Doctors would like to shed some light on the multiple perspectives that exist on migraines with this video, in which one of the most recognised experts in the field, Dr. Lawrence C. Newman, from Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York, gives us the key guidelines to understanding the mechanisms of the disease.  With the recommendations of Dr. Newman, one of our leading neurologists, it is possible to put up with migraines through a series of specific habits that have to do with sleep routines, physical exercise, nutrition, hydration through frequent fluid intake, and stress. We hope that Read more

50 years of innovation and fight against smoking

On the 11th of January, it was exactly 50 years since Luther Terry, Director General of Public Health in the U.S., publicly stated for the first time that smoking could lead to cancer, heart problems and even death.

This statement was supported by the report of smoking and health, a document of over 7,000 scientific articles, marking the beginning of the global fight against smoking.

Great advances have been made in the fight against smoking in this half century. Among other achievements, the number of smokers in the United States has decreased by 59%, according to CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) reports.  Nowadays it is still necessary to fight tobacco  If we delve deeper into the data of one of the main tobacco markets in the world, USA, the highlighting fact is that currently only 18% of the population smokes, which equates to a total of 44 million people who still suffer health risks as a result of smoking, many governments and companies have spent Read more