14 February: Sexual Health Day

When we think of this date, St. Valentine’s Day normally springs to mind, but the truth is that we should be celebrating a whole lot more – our commitment to sexual health (ours and our partner’s).

According to the WHO, sexual health is “a state of physical, emotional, mental and social well-being related to sexuality, which is not merely the absence of disease, dysfunction or disability”.

Taking into account the significance of sexual health for the well-being of any person, we would like to place special emphasis on the Best Doctors blog with regard to the importance of responsible sexual health practices. Being responsible for other people’s sexual health as well as our own In previous posts we have mentioned the importance of commitment to our own health; however, that responsibility is even greater when it comes to sexual health since the health of other people may be dependent upon our behavior and precautions. Therefore, apart from taking control of our health by means of routine check-ups with specialists, Read more

Where doctors are most needed

Cirugía Turkana

Today at Best Doctors blog we are going to focus on the world’s poorest countries, places where heath continues to be mostly a scarce good. This is a reality, which for all of us who have a commitment to the well being and care of patients is a cause of sadness and frustration, but also serves as a challenge to motivate us to never give up.

Maybe this is one of the global medical community’s unresolved issues - to provide the least developed countries around the world with medical health professionals as well as basic medical equipment in order for all patients to be given the opportunity to live and receive health care. Great professionals with solidarity concerns  Fortunately, in many countries there is a multitude of so-called ‘first world solidarity projects’, set up voluntarily by medical teams that are dedicated to alleviating the health problems in the most underdeveloped countries. ‘Surgery in Turkana’ is one of these projects we want to place particular emphasis on in this Read more

Relentless advances are being made in Oncology

Fortunately, as is the case with some regularity on this blog, advances in cutting-edge techniques in the fight against cancer continue to be a constant feature in the day to day of the medical community.

As a case in point, below are some of the disciplines that have put themselves at the vanguard when dealing with a disease against which medical opportunities are growing by the day.

-       Robotic surgery: an operation in which the surgeon has the assistance of a robot. This technique is applied especially in cases of prostate cancer using robotic prostatectomy, and has had favourable results. -        Minimally-invasive surgery: it allows a more limited operation with less impact on the patient's body on all levels - less bleeding, shorter hospital stay, less pain and less analgesic requirements, shorter patient recovery periods, in addition to a smaller scar which helps the emotional recovery of patients. -       Image-guided surgery: this type of operation is performed with the aid of cameras which are inserted into the patient’s body, Read more