New research into finding new treatments against pancreatic cancer

95% of patients with pancreatic cancer die within 5 years of their diagnosis, making it the most lethal of all common cancers. One of the principle reasons for the low life expectancy rate is that there are never two genetically identical cases, which ultimately means that tumours of this type are more likely to develop resistance to the drugs.

As a result, in recent times, some genomic studies are being directed to the location of common mutations in different cases of pancreatic cancer treatments that allow a greater chance of success.

Despite the fact that different genetic mutations of these cancers vary between patients (as well as cases), all tumours of this type have their origin in the same metabolic changes that help the disease to develop. A team of researchers from the Garvan Institute of Medical Research of Sydney (Australia), led by Darren Saunders, has recently developed a new approach to pancreatic cancer. The innovative nature of his research is based on a dual search: an analysis of possible variations in the genome of tumours from different patients, and a detailed study of the biological process that occurs in tumour cells. In Read more

Physiotherapy: the importance to your health

Physiotherapy has existed as a form of treatment for dysfunctions and disabilities for thousands of years. It is considered a key treatment in the rehabilitation of patients suffering from debilitating conditions as a result of accidents or diseases.

Despite the fact that, since ancient times there have been references to the use of physical agents in order to prevent and treat diseases, but it was in ancient Greece with Hippocrates when they began to take the first steps in the development of physiotherapy as a profession.

Hippocrates used massages as a form of therapy to help restore and maintain the body's motor and functional abilities. Even today massages still continue to be associated with the physiotherapist precisely because of the importance that they have always had throughout the history of physiotherapy. However, the field of physiotherapy intervention and the techniques used by the therapist go far beyond massages. What is physiotherapy? According to the WCHPT (World Confederation for Physical Therapy), it is defined as the area of health responsible for promoting, developing, maintaining and restoring people’s maximum movement and functional ability throughout their lives. Its main interest and objective is Read more

The role of NGOs and medicine: to work for the health of an entire planet

The World Red Cross and Red Crescent Day were held on the 8th of May in a total of 189 countries, commemorating the birth of its founder, Jean Henry Dunant.

It is a humanitarian organisation that has over 151 years experience providing invaluable help to 160 million people in diverse emergency situations such as armed conflict or natural disasters.

On our blog we did not want to miss the opportunity on this date to recognise the efforts being made on a global level by the NGOs, who manage to get medical care and assistance to those corners of the world where it is most needed. Best Doctors is working side by side with the Recover Foundation in the fight against diabetes in Africa In this sense, and placing great value on the NGOs, we at Best Doctors, are proud to collaborate with the Recover Foundation in this battle against diabetes, a disease in which more than 80% of deaths occur in Read more