Getting to know the cholesterol that harms us

It is highly probable that we have heard a lot about cholesterol in recent times. This is especially true if we are over the 40 to 50 age group, as we start to worry more about our diet and general state of health. It is no longer the same as when we entered our thirties.

In fact, in the last number of years manufacturers of consumer products have increased their awareness of those consumers who have dangerous levels of cholesterol by launching market products specifically designed for these people.

So, what exactly is cholesterol? It is an absolutely natural fat that can be found in all our cells and it is necessary for our body’s day-to-day functioning. As we can see below, its functions are very diverse: Through the effects of the rays of the sun, cholesterol is converted into vitamin D, which is beneficial in protecting our skin and preventing dehydration problems. It is involved in the generation of some hormones. It contributes in the production of bile acids - essential for digestive processes of fats. The fact that there are two types is of great importance: The so-called good cholesterol that binds particles Read more

A lung transplant with the aid of a 3D printer

The advances that have been taking place in the technology of 3D printing are, without a doubt, proving to be spectacular. If in the event that these innovations can be applied in the field of medicine and are able to help reduce the risks in transplants, perhaps we are witnessing a watershed moment in the history of medicine.

This is something that is already happening. We have just seen it in the case of a citizen of Kansai (Japan) who began to have difficulty breathing, so he decided to go to the hospital. The doctors detected a case of irreversible pulmonary fibrosis that required an urgent transplant from one of his lungs. If the patient had not received a transplant within a short period of time she would have passed away. Fortunately, as far as his tissues and blood type were concerned, the patient's husband was a compatible donor. However, unfortunately, as is usually the case with a difference Read more

Donating blood is a small gesture that saves lives

At Best Doctors we believe that one of the underlying objectives of this blog is to raise awareness of citizens about the importance of their actions and commitments to the health of everybody.

In this sense, one of the most important gestures that will help the proper functioning of our hospitals and normal development of certain treatments and surgeries is the donation of blood.

Without the necessary reserves of blood in our hospitals, it is possible that some operations will be affected by the delays and dangers that this could mean to patients who need blood, in many cases, urgently. All it takes is a little effort, a needle prick and some specific requirements Donating blood is a great act of kindness that does not require much effort from us; just a few minutes of our time and a small prick of a needle, and in return we have the reward of having played our part in the patient’s return to health. In order to become a Read more