Prevention: hand on your heart

Although this statement is really obvious, it is no less true.  According to recent data, experts believe that cardiovascular disease can be prevented in almost 90% of cases.  

Diet is one of the most important tools we have to help prevent cardiovascular disease.  Eating vegetables and pulses can be a great help, while too much salt can have a negative impact on the heart.  There has recently been much discussion about the need to control salt levels in processed foods. In any case, the risks associated with contracting cardiovascular disease increase more sharply in men above the age of 45.  In women, the age is slightly higher, around 60. Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in the United States, accounting for more than 25% of deaths in the Read more

X-Raying our hearts

heart day, infographics

This year, World Heart Day is 29th September and our heart is certainly an organ we should focus on every single day of the year.

Using graphics, Best Doctors would like to use this date to help raise awareness about the risks that some of our bad habits can have on our cardiovascular system and to contribute to better understanding how our hearts work through surprising and informative facts.    infographics, heart, risks, cardiovascular system,

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A Solution at Last: June’s Story

An active 80 year old, June was diagnosed with an underactive thyroid ten years ago and started on medication. Unfortunately, the medication made her feel worse due to severe leg pain, palpitations and anxiety. The symptoms vanished whenever June stopped her medication but she was advised of the severe repercussions (including going into a coma) of doing so. At one point she was even refused treatment unless she continued taking the medication. June struggled on for years until one day she heard about Best Doctors.

Best Doctors referred June to an expert in her condition who reviewed her case and made a recommendation that no one had thought of before. While agreeing that June was on the right medication, he felt that her body needed to adapt to the dosage and recommended beginning on a lower dose and gradually building up. June shared her result with her GP. They are both delighted to have found a solution to a ten year problem, allowing her to continue taking her vital medication without suffering such debilitating side-effects. This is a real UK Best Doctors case which has been authorised Read more