Movember: health also includes mental health

mental health

The month of Movember is now coming to an end, but this blog does not want to say goodbye without focussing on one aspect of our health which, although it may not be as grave as cancer, does affect millions of people all over the world.

It is not for nothing that the Movember platform, as part of its commitment to raise awareness about everyone’s health, advises all men to “stay mentally well”. Having good mental health and a positive attitude can play a key role in fighting any disease. Gender and mental health According to the World Health Organization (WHO), gender is a factor that has a decisive influence on mental health and on the development of different diseases. The type of mental health problem we may run the risk of having will depend on whether we are male or female. The problem is that, to date, Read more

Stem cells restore eyesight

Stem cells

This is not the first time we have used the pages in this blog to echo the exciting possibilities today of stem cells to regenerate human organs. We have to acknowledge, however, that perhaps the medical advances we are going to discuss in this post may be the most spectacular of all those which have appeared to date in Best Doctors’ Blog.

The importance of some new research The breakthrough comes out of some new research carried out in the USA with 18 patients which has shown that transplanting adult stem cells into the retinas of patients with serious ocular damage does not result in rejection and, what is more, can reverse damage that was previously incurable. The results could not be clearer or more conclusive. The 18 patients who took part in the research all had incurable retina diseases, which is the main cause of blindness both in young people and adults in advanced countries. The stem cell transplants were successful in every Read more

Movember and its commitment to prostate cancer

prostate_Cancer movember

Prostate cancer is perhaps the most important issue on which Movember’s different activities to raise awareness and funds and get people involved are centred.

If we stop for a moment to think about the impact of this disease all over the world, we will no doubt come to the conclusion that prostate cancer is one of the health problems to which we should all (medical and scientific community, national and international organisations and the general public) have greater commitment. Some figures about prostate cancer If we look at a country with a large population, such as the USA, prostate cancer is the second most common cancer in men, after skin cancer.   According to the American Cancer Society’s projections for 2014 - Almost 233,000 new cases will be diagnosed Read more