Movember is not only about growing a moustache


As we saw a few days ago in another post in this blog, thanks to the Movember movement, November is a rather different month due to the focus on health, particularly men’s health.

In addition to the global mission to raise awareness and funds, the Movember movement is also taking advantage of the demand for moustaches to bring a whole series of health tips to the public attention. All too often, we just do not pay any heed to these. Prevention and commitment to our health are essential We tend to use these watchwords regularly in this blog. Just as in other areas of our daily lives, such as servicing the car or keeping our sports equipment in tip-top condition, we need to know about a series of variables, which we can use as a Read more

Great progress on diabetes thanks to a team from Harvard


Diabetes is a global disease that currently affects 347 million people all over the world. People with diabetes are unable to produce insulin which can cause serious health problems, including cardiac and kidney problems or nervous system disorders.

The good news is that a team of researchers from Harvard University in Boston (USA), led by Douglas Melton, has just made an important discovery, which has been published in the prestigious journal Cell. More than 15 years have been spent trying to find a way to produce beta cells on a large scale. These are a specific type of cells that are able to detect blood sugar levels and maintain them at healthy levels producing insulin. Now, there is a solution thanks to the use of stem cells, which are able to develop into any kind of tissue or organ. Thanks Read more