Second Medical Opinions, Actively Helping Save Lives

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There are many barriers to diagnostic accuracy, like time pressures on physicians, availability of specialists and fragmented care.

That’s why it’s crucial for patients to find the doctor who is right for them and their condition. Some of the characteristics often shared by best physicians are: Board-certified and up-to-date on the latest medical research. Published in prominent medical journals. Affiliated with centers of excellence in the medical world. Recognized by other physicians for their expertise in a specialty. Open to partnering with other physicians to best serve their patients. Best Doctors has an unparalleled process that enables us to allow only the best minds in medicine to consult on our cases. We start by asking, “If you or a Read more

Spring SADness

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Seasons come and go and there is so much to enjoy about each of them in their own special way. However, for some of us the change of seasons can have a heavy impact on our state-of-mind and it is important to understand what is going on if you’re feeling a tad…off.

The arrival of the spring can have a heavy bearing on many and has even caused a spike in depression diagnosis and suicide rates[1]. It seems cruelly ironic that spring is one of the most beautiful and cheerful seasons, representing life and the eventual arrival of summer. Seasonal affective disorder, also known as SAD, is a real issue affecting thousands of people all over the world. This disorder can be especially difficult to deal with during spring because while everyone seems to be enjoying the warmer weather and new sprouting trees and flowers, a person suffering from SAD can feel extremely Read more

Comfortable in your own skin, at home and at work

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In order to feel healthy and comfortable in your own skin, it’s of the utmost importance to take good care of yourself. It’s key to eat healthy and to sleep, hydrate and get enough exercise. Another important factor we tend to overlook is peace of mind. Daily stress and uncertainty/insecurity can greatly affect out positivity and peace of mind and can have bad consequences for our health.

Nutrition   In order to eat healthy we have to make we are ingesting all the necessary nutrients that help reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases, colon cancer and type 2 diabetes. A handy tool to refer to is the nutrition circle, which contains the five recommended food groups: Fruits and vegetables Bread, rice, potatoes and pasta Proteins Healthy fats 1.5-2L daily water intake Recommended daily intake: Fruits and vegetables: 250gr vegetables and 2 portions of fruit. Bread, rice, potatoes and pasta: choose wholegrain products, they give us energy and nutrients such as fibre, protein, vitamin B and iron. Proteins: Dairy, meat, fish, eggs, Read more