Bringing HIV out of its hiding place

In Today’s Best Doctors blog post we would like to discuss an interesting research project that has shed light on the mechanisms used by HIV to “hide” from our immune system and prolong its impact on our body.

The study, which was recently published in the scientific journal Nature, was carried out by a team at University College London  led by Greg Towers, the project’s main architect.

What Tower’s team has essentially discovered is the peculiar method that the AIDS virus uses to conceal itself from our body’s defences, which, being unable to detect this foreign presence, are incapable of getting rid of it. The study shows that there are two specific molecules that help HIV to camouflage itself. It could be said that these act as a kind of "invisibility cloak" which, if eventually eliminated by the scientific community, would allow our body’s natural defences to attack the virus, just as they do with any other agents  posing a threat to our health. This information will allow researchers Read more