How can we talk to our children about Ebola?

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As parents, it is sometimes difficult to talk to our children. The situation can become even more complicated when we want to talk to them about something to do with health, such as Ebola. We ourselves may have doubts about Ebola, which, in some countries, has created serious public alarm that has even spread to some schools.

We will deal with the issue in this post and provide some advice and guidelines that may be helpful when sitting down with your children and teenagers to tell them about the disease.  

1.- Reassure them Perhaps this is the most important piece of advice.  Ebola has spread outside Africa for the first time and this can mean that the real risk of contracting the disease is exaggerated in some specific places.  So, first of all, when we sit down with our children to talk about the subject, it is important we explain to them that every country, emphasising our own country in particular, is prepared to deal with diseases such as this. We need to clearly explain that there are especially qualified professionals to deal with diseases of this type and that the infrastructure is in place to stop Ebola spreading Read more

Childhood asthma and the effects of smoking on its development

There is a new mathematical model that currently allows us to predict the effects that smoking will have on children who suffer from asthma. This is, without a doubt, important news for the medical community and parents alike, insofar as it enables us to assess to what extent the quality of our children’s respiratory function is guaranteed.

The study, carried out by professionals from Hospital del Mar Medical Research Institute and the University of Barcelona, was published in the prestigious Journal of Statistics in Medical Research.

The research conducted in these two centres has made it possible to estimate the possible risk of asthma in children through the analysis of different risk factors, as well as data from other studies that link asthma, the most common chronic disease among children, to certain environmental factors. The relevance of this research lies in the fact that, despite asthma being one of the most studied childhood diseases, the medical community has not had statistical simulations that enabled an accurate forecast of the possible evolution of this pathology in childhood patients in Europe until now. According to the findings of the study, Read more

Video games and their effects on children’s vision

The figures are clear. According to Andrés Gené, vice president of the College of Opticians Optometrists in the Region of Valencia, Spain, one out of every three children who visits an optical centre does so as a result of using video games.

However, it is not all visual damage when it comes to video games and consoles, as this type of leisure among the youngest can have positive effects on their vision such as the following: - It improves the vision contrast sensitivity - It allows children to develop a more complete spatial visual memory - It improves the speed of perception responses to visual stimuli In addition, and from a more global perspective, it improves young children’s reflexes and their ability to concentrate and makes their hand-eye coordination faster.  The use of video games can be beneficial, but always in moderation  Specialists believe that a child over Read more