Chronic pain figures

As patients, there is no doubt that pain is one of the experiences that can terrify us most.  This is even truer when talking about a problem that is not temporary but is here to stay.  In other words, the type of pain that comes into our lives and becomes chronic, occasionally affecting our daily lives irreversibly and traumatically. 

The facts hurt too If we consider for a moment the figures relating to pain across the whole world, we will see that it is a reality that has an enormous impact on our society.  Worldwide, it may come as no surprise that there could be more than 1.2 billion adults affected by some kind of chronic pain  (approximately 20 per cent of the total world population).  In Europe, the figure is 80 million patients (approximately 9 per cent of the adult European population). The figures increase every year We must learn how to fight against pain, but also how to live Read more