Eat your water


Medical professionals recommend drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day but what some don’t know is that around 20% of our daily hydration intake comes from our solid food. This is good news for those that don’t enjoy drinking water!

Summer is in full force and with raising temperatures around the world it is even more important to ensure that we are keeping our H20 intake in check! Best Doctors and highlight some of the most hydrating foods to help keep us fresh and hydrated.

The negative effects of not keeping your body hydrated can seriously affect your heath and quality of life. Individuals who don’t ingest enough water (be it through liquid or solids) can begin to experience chronic fatigue, constipation, digestive issues, weight gain and even stomach ulcers[1].

An astonishing 60% of our body weight comes from water[2] but many of us don’t understand the intricacies of why we need to hydrate. Our body use water for major basic body functions such as digestion, body temperature control via sweating, breathing and is vital for women who are breastfeeding[3]. Water also acts as a lubricant for your joints and helps protect your spinal cord[4]. The amount of water you need to consume depends on many factors including body type, climate and physical activity.

All of the following foods have over 90% water content (by weight) and are simply scrumptious.

  • Cucumber: 96.7% water content
  • Iceberg lettuce: 95.6% water content
  • Celery: 95.4% water content
  • Watermelon: 91.5% water content
  • Strawberries: 91% water content
  • Spinach: 91.4% water content
  • Baby carrots: 90.4% water content
  • Cauliflower: 92.1% water content






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