Enjoying a healthier summer


Summer is, perhaps, one of the most eagerly awaited seasons: good weather, holidays, the outdoors, the mountains or the beach stimulate our desire to have fun, but as a result, our health can sometimes be neglected.

In addition to a lot more time to have fun with friends and family, we must not forget that the summer time brings high temperatures which may even turn into heat waves. This is a phenomenon that affects the health of the elderly and the chronically ill, which becomes a headache for health authorities each year.

Recommendations that are not so obvious

Some health tips can seem repetitive, but nevertheless we must continue to take them into account and, above all, to put them into practice on a daily basis. Therefore, at Best Doctors, we insist on these two basic recommendations for the summer time.

1. – Hydrate continuously with water or fresh juices, even if you are not thirsty. Our body´s hydration requirements will be greater with high temperatures. We must be alert and avoid health problems by drinking plenty of liquids.

2 – Do not do exercise in the middle of the day. Who has not seen people cycling, running, playing paddle, playing football or practising other high intensity sports at noon at the height of summer? This season is the time of year when we are freer to practice our favorite sport, but for our own safety, we must refrain from practising it at the most dangerous hours due to the high risk of heatstroke, sunstroke or dehydration.

Summer diseases

Unfortunately, the summer time is not such a “happy” season for people suffering from certain diseases whose frequency or symptoms may be intensified during the summer period.

Conditions such as cystitis (acute inflammation of the bladder) are more frequent during the warmer months, especially in hot countries as a result of risky practices such as using the bathroom in public places.

We can not say that the hot season is particularly beneficial to those with diabetes either, because in these months they are more exposed to metabolic decompensation that may require urgent attention.

We must not neglect healthy eating in the summer

Health and tanning can be compatible if we follow the instructions of our post about healthy recommendations for sunbathing as well as choosing adequate food.

It is advisable to eat foods high in beta-carotene and antioxidants a few weeks before repeated or prolonged exposure to the sun starts.

Vegetables such as tomatoes or carrots will nourish you with vitamin E and healthy fatty acids, while fruits like papaya or mango will give us the healthy beta-carotene, which are plant pigments that once ingested are converted to vitamin A in the liver and the thin intestine.

At Best Doctors, we encourage you to take hydration and nutrition in the summer time seriously so that your health does not ruin your trips and holidays.