Best Doctors help save Clive’s eyesight and control his condition


Name: Clive

Age: 56 Reason for contacting Best Doctors: Seeking consultation regarding diagnosis and prognosis following peripheral vision loss

Best Doctors expert specialty: Ophthalmology  

“I’m really grateful for everything Best Doctors has done for me because I really believe they have saved my sight.”

Clive was leading a healthy life and enjoying a fulfilling career at a prestigious wealth management company. Like many individuals, Clive was myopic (short sighted) and in 2013 he underwent cataract surgery which was successful and he recovered with no complications.

However, in 2015 Clive developed acute posterior vitreous detachment in his right eye which is caused by the vitreous gel in the eye tugging on the retina. Clive’s detachment was complicated by a superior retinal horseshoe tear, also referred to as flap or U-shaped tears, are full thickness breaks in the neurosensory retina. He received retinopexy laser treatment to control his condition. His left eye was also treated for cataracts with YAG laser capsulotomy.

Clive felt confident that although several issues had occurred involving his vision, that he was receiving the right guidance and treatment options from his local medical team to manage the situation.

Unfortunately, he grew more concerned when he found that he was increasingly being bothered by “floaters” which he described as small spots that drift through his field of vision, especially when looking at anything bright, even a simple piece of white paper. Not only were the floaters affecting his eye sight, but Clive also began experiencing constant headaches which really affected his quality of life.

He consulted a specialist who offered vitrectomy surgery to remove the vitreous gel from the middle of the eye to help control the floaters. He went ahead with the surgery and Clive’s consultant was very pleased with the outcome of the procedure. In May 2016 his recovery took a grave turn when Clive awoke one morning to find that he had lost peripheral vision right side of right eye.

Clive was extremely concerned and returned immediately to his consultant. Believing that the surgery caused the vision loss, he was naturally very anxious as to whether or not it was recommendable to conduct the same surgery on his left eye.

One of Clive’s colleagues reminded him that his employee benefits package included access to the Best Doctors second medical opinion service. He jumped at the opportunity to obtain more information about his diagnosis and to have an international expert analyse his case.

The Best Doctors team collected all of Clive’s medical records on his behalf and selected an expert with a speciality in ophthalmology from their database of over 50,000 specialists. A detailed report was compiled for Clive that included three crucial details.

The expert explained that the operation Clive’s local team had conducted was not the cause of the vision loss he was experiencing.

Clive’s report also detailed that the vision loss he had in his peripheral vision was permanent that therefore submitting himself to further testing was unnecessary.

The third revelation in the Best Doctors report was something that Clive’s local team had previously missed. The expert revealed that his medical records and testing indicated that the cause of his vision lost after surgery was actually due to a lowering of blood pressure overnight. He learned that a simple prescription pill could be prescribed to control his blood pressure and avoid a recurring episode that could affect his vision further.

Best Doctors guidance provided Clive the information he needed to feel confident about receiving the operation on his second eye. He believes that without his second medical opinion report, he never would have followed through the second procedure or begun taking the crucial medication he needs to control his blood pressure.

Clive found the medical guidance he needed to ensure that his health was back under control and is eternally grateful that he had access to an expert, second medical opinion from Best Doctors.


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