New ways of treatment against melanoma


We can not afford to let our guard down when fighting cancer.

Fortunately, researchers and healthcare professionals allover the world continue to make advances every day in new approaches, therapies and treatment that will end up winning not only the numerous battles against cancer, but also the war.

Healthcare professionals and patients are in this together, as in practically everything else. Without the voluntary participation of the cancer patients for this research project, it would be impossible for the medical teams to achieve the kind of results that we are now going to examine. That is why, at Best Doctors we would like to congratulate both the medical professionals and the patients for their contribution (each with their own part to play) to advances in medical research and to the fact that more and more people can have a higher chance of success against all manner of conditions.

The good news in this regard is the new clinical trial carried out by a group of researchers at the Duke University Medical Center (USA), as well as the results they have obtained. They have managed to modify dendritic cells, which are part of our immune system, in order for them to be able to recognise and differentiate melanoma tumour cells and subsequently be able to attack them.

Time is on our side in the battle against cancer

Research by this medical team dates back to 2008. The significant progress that has been achieved since then has led the Duke University Medical Center to set up a specific division for this field – the new Division of Surgical Oncology.

The team responsible for this discovery forms part of the aforementioned division within the Surgery Department of the hospital, which has been headed by Dr. Doug Tyler –a professional with an extensive career in research related to cancer.

The clinical trial carried out by Dr. Tyler’s medical team has been built on a specific job of modification of the mentioned cells and its positive effects as a weapon when it comes to improving the condition of patients with skin cancer.

Encouraging results

Within the group of selected individuals for the trial some were vaccinated with ‘normal’ dendritic cells, whereas other patients received modified dendritic cells.

The immune response offered by the different patients shows compelling results, since those that were vaccinated with modified dendritic cells presented a more permanent immune response to melanoma over time.

We have to point out as well that two of the patients that took part in the investigation had active disease at the time of carrying out the test. In both cases, the vaccination with modified dendritic cells produced positive effects; a partial clinical response occurred in the first patient, while in the second patient a complete clinical response could be observed.

At Best Doctors we welcome this encouraging study and we remain committed to providing the most relevant and updated information about the world of health. This is, without a doubt, a very important factor when addressing any diagnosis or treatment.

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