The year is drawing to a close and so we now have another 12 new months during which we can pay a little more attention to our health.
Here are 12 tips so that, month by month, you can get into good habits to help you maintain or improve your health.

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Healthy eating at Christmas

Healthy christmas

Christmas is already here. Of course, it is the time of year that everyone has been waiting for, but it is also the time of year that can be most damaging for our health because we drink too much and eat too much unhealthy food.

Once Christmas is over, all this can have unwelcome consequences and we must be careful especially if we have some type of digestive disorder, but also if we have some other type of condition, such as diabetes or heart problems. Healthy eating is not difficult As we have said before in the pages in this blog, we must realise that healthy food is essential for our health. Generally speaking, healthy eating should be based on using unsaturated fats (olive oil, oily fish) rather than on unhealthy fats. When it comes to cooking, it is best to use the oven and steam food Read more

Smart clothing for detecting heart disease in babies

Heart diseases babies

Today, in Best Doctors’ blog, we are going to look at a very up-to-date product, wearables. These are items of clothing or accessories, such as glasses, watches or clothes, that we are starting to wear, which allow us to connect to the internet in another way and access information in real time through sensors.

We will consider the health applications of these devices and focus on a new “smart sleep suit” that has been developed by a new Research Department for Technological Innovation in Paediatrics (Peditec) at the Universidad Politécnica [Polytechnic University] in Valencia, Spain, in collaboration with the Hospital General [General Hospital] in Valencia.  The sleep suit for babies is made of hypoallergenic cotton and what is most important is that it may be able to detect congenital heart disease or sepsis early on. Sepsis involves our body having an exceptionally serious response to bacteria and other types of microorganisms. In this case, through Read more