Health in the workplace: prevention goes global

a globe resting on a stethoscope symbolising global health

Today marks the annual World Day for Safety and Health at Work. The International Labour Organisation has designated 2015 as the year for governments, employers and employees to “Join in building a culture of prevention on OSH [Occupational Safety and Health][i]”, with priority given to preventing injury and illness. Best Doctors looks at ways that employers are embracing best prevention practices.

While a large part of preventive workplace safety and health measures is dedicated to on-the-job safety, such as the correct operation and maintenance of machinery and ensuring a hygienic and toxin-free working environment, prevention also includes providing employees with reliable resources for support and advice when it comes to their health concerns. Such resources may take the form of on-site facilities or may be included as part of an employee benefits package. A global approach to health Preventive measures can also be strengthened through the corporate culture that a company transmits and shares with its employees. According to a recent article in Read more

Apple ResearchKit: pocket-sized technology with worldwide potential

Pocket-sized technology with worldwide potential

From 3D printing to Google glass, technology continues to revolutionize medicine, finding more innovative and efficient ways to save lives and improve quality of life. Today Best Doctors looks at one of the latest contributions from Apple.

With the declaration that “now everybody can do their part to advance medical research,[i]” Apple has launched ResearchKit, an open-source research development platform. The first apps released are designed to track asthma, Parkinson’s disease, diabetes, breast cancer and cardiovascular disease. They allow iPhone users to submit data and even perform certain tests right from their device, with each app linked to a study led by a recognised medical centre. On the developer side, ResearchKit can be used by anyone with an iPhone to create their own medical research app. The patient experience ResearchKit aims to break down distance and bureaucratic barriers to Read more

Fitness trends: mind over matter?

In today’s busy world, most of us want to get the most out of our time and effort. It is not surprising then, to see fitness trends responding to this need. Yet how much is science, and how much is driven by our own, interior, motivation? In today’s post, Best Doctors looks at two different exercise trends.

Amid the many fitness trends hitting gyms and parks the world over, two in particular stand out for their potential to give us more for the time we spend. In today’s post we analyse the reasons for their success, and get expert insight from Dr José Luís Zamorano, Director of Cardiology at Ramón y Cajal Hospital in Madrid, Spain and Chairman of Best Doctors European Medical Advisory Board. Compression clothing In increasing blood flow and oxygen to muscles, this tight-fitting sportswear is said to enhance exercise performance, with improved circulation also helping to eliminate lactic acid and toxins after a workout, easing Read more