International Women’s Day 2017

International Women’s Day 2017:

Best Doctors invites you to get involved and help celebrate women, their accomplishments and actively promote female health.

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Mobile apps and technology could help detect skin cancer

Lady sunbathing with cream in the shape of a sun on her exposed skin

Technology can help save lives and a team of Stanford researchers have taken this to the next level. The team have successfully developed image recognition technologies and programmed a computer to analyse and potentially identify cancerous moles and skin lesions.

Experts actively promote the preventive measures and check-ups necessary to ensure that melanomas are detected as early as possible. The five-year melanoma survival rates are 99% when detected early[1]. The figure dramatically decreases to 14% if the cancer is detected at a later stage[2]. The project was led by Sebastian Thrun, founder of research and development lab Google X and adjunt professor at Stanford University. He explained to CNN that their goal is to make melanoma detection more accessible on a global level. "Our objective is to bring the expertise of top-level dermatologists to places where the dermatologist is not available."[3] The Read more