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We enjoy sharing our members’ and clients’ success stories with you. However today, it’s time to hear from our Experts, some of the most talented physicians across the globe, about their experience working with Best Doctors.

The Best Doctors database includes over 50,000+ of the world’s top medical experts in 450+ medical specialties. Each has been designated as among the best by other doctors through an exclusive, Gallup®-certified process. Best Doctors takes great pride in its highly regarded physician network and it turns out these physicians applaud our program as well.

Here’s what a few of them have to say:

“Without a doubt, Best Doctors is a simple and transparent way of providing high-quality second opinions to patients in difficult situations, and in a way that benefits both the patient and the doctor. I myself have had patients who used Best Doctors, and I found the expert reports to be reliable and highly informative.”

Dr. Luís Costa Professor of Medicine Director of Oncology Hospital de Santa Maria

“I have had the privilege of working with Best Doctors for the past six years, both providing Best Doctors evaluations and receiving them and am continually impressed by the excellence of service to the patient, their families, and all health care providers involved in the patient’s care. This is a single source, that provides expert analysis and opinions in a timely, accurate and efficient way to optimize diagnosis and treatment for often complex medical and surgical problems. The collaboration among the Best Doctors staff and consultants combined with a user-friendly platform allows state of the art and cost-effective care to be carried out in every situation. With the patient always at the center, everyone benefits and there is no better service available today.”

Dr. Neal Futran Director of Head and Neck Surgery Chair of the Department of Otolaryngology University of Washington Medicine

“Best Doctors’ members receive expert advice from specialists with documented and internationally acknowledged expertise. They benefit from unbiased advice, which aims at working in collaboration with their attending doctors, not against them. Additional travel for seeing another expert doctor for a second opinion and the burden of additional diagnostic tests and procedures can often be avoided. I am happy to support an organization that is aiming to help people both in Germany and around the world to improve the quality of their health care. As a pediatrician, I am convinced that parents will highly appreciate the reassurance to achieve optimal medical care for their sick child. Best Doctors can provide accurate and independent medical advice and expertise.”

Dr. Sibylle Koletzko Professor and Director of Paediatric Gastroenterology and Hepatology Dr. von Haunersches Kinderspital

“Having been a consultant for Best Doctors for over three years, I can say to patients and their treating doctors that Best Doctors is a virtuous and transparent organization. Never feel ashamed about asking for a second or third opinion. Excellent medical care and optimizing quality of life are the primary goals for every doctor in every country.”

Dr. Frans Moll Professor and Director of Vascular Surgery Chairman of the Department of Surgery University Medical Centre Utrecht

“As a member of the Best Doctors European Medical Advisory Board, I am proud to be part of an organization that puts Europeans in touch with the world´s best available specialists. Having seen how my own expertise has helped members and their treating doctors make confident, informed decisions on their health, I would recommend Best Doctors to anyone seeking reassurance and certainty for themselves, their families and their loved ones.”

Dr. José Luis Zamorano Professor of Medicine and Director of Cardiology University Hospital Ramón y Cajal


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