Movember is not only about growing a moustache


As we saw a few days ago in another post in this blog, thanks to the Movember movement, November is a rather different month due to the focus on health, particularly men’s health.

In addition to the global mission to raise awareness and funds, the Movember movement is also taking advantage of the demand for moustaches to bring a whole series of health tips to the public attention. All too often, we just do not pay any heed to these. Prevention and commitment to our health are essential We tend to use these watchwords regularly in this blog. Just as in other areas of our daily lives, such as servicing the car or keeping our sports equipment in tip-top condition, we need to know about a series of variables, which we can use as a Read more

Movember: A moustache has never had so much meaning


Now that November has arrived, it has brought with it one of the most original global movements in support of our health (in this case men’s health).

A decade after it was launched, Movember, a combination of the two words ‘moustache’ and ‘November’ has become an initiative for collective awareness, mobilising thousands of men who, one month a year, let their moustache grow. At the same time, they organise different events to raise awareness all over the world about men’s heath problems, especially prostate cancer and testicular cancer. Another of the aims of this initiative is to raise funds to help those institutions involved in improving men’s health. Movember: the origin Today, Movember is a great movement, which is active in thousands of towns and cities all over the Read more