“For cancer cases, a Second Medical Opinion can be life-saving”

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A specialist in paediatric immunology, oncology, haematology and bone marrow transplantation at Wrocław Medical University, Prof. Krzysztof Kałwak heads the paediatric transplant unit, the largest facility for paediatric haematopoietic stem cell transplantation in Poland and one of the largest paediatric transplant units in all of Europe. Prof. Kałwak’s research and guidelines have been published widely throughout Poland and abroad and he is the National Coordinator for two paediatric illnesses, chronic myeloid leukaemia and congenital neurotropenia. Prof. Kałwak is a Medical Advisor to Best Doctors.

An Interview with Prof. Krzysztof Kalwak Second Medical Opinions are a natural part of the diagnostic process, with doctors regularly consulting other doctors about their cases. How does having access to international experts improve on this practice? A Second Medical Opinion from abroad can be hugely influential in ensuring that the local treating team arrives at the correct diagnosis, including carrying out testing to confirm or rule out the original diagnosis. It can also provide advice on the most appropriate, most effective and least toxic treatments based on the latest innovations and findings. Why is this especially vital for cancer cases? The longer Read more

Over 25,000 ways to be sure

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As Best Doctors EMEAA reaches over 25,000 cases, we take a moment to reflect on what getting a second medical opinion really means for patients, their loved ones and their doctors.

Offering access to expert second medical opinions and advice for over 30 million people around the world and in more than 100 countries, Best Doctors understands what it means to be facing a medical condition. We know what questions can arise, the doubts that people struggle with. Yet while no two cases are the same, we have one thing in common: we all want to be sure. When it comes to our health, being sure can mean different things: A definitive diagnosis for our symptoms Confirmation that we are following the right treatment plan Reassurance that we are in the best hands with our Read more

Why is a second opinion important?

Today we could provide you with a large number of reasons why we recommend using Best Doctors’ services, but we believe the best way to talk about ourselves is to do it through accounts given by some patients who, through our services, have received a second opinion from the world’s leading specialists.

This is Declan’s story Declan suffered a nose injury while playing rugby and after his first operation, started to experience breathing problems, especially at night. His mother, Sian, began to worry because, although everything seemed to be going fine, her son felt worse after an operation that was supposedly going to solve his problem. The first doctor they consulted informed them of the potential risk of a second operation leading to a permanent hole in Declan’s nose, which inevitably caused certain confusion in the family. Declan and his mother soon discovered that their insurance policy allowed for the possibility to consult Best Doctors. Read more