Movember: A moustache has never had so much meaning


Now that November has arrived, it has brought with it one of the most original global movements in support of our health (in this case men’s health).

A decade after it was launched, Movember, a combination of the two words ‘moustache’ and ‘November’ has become an initiative for collective awareness, mobilising thousands of men who, one month a year, let their moustache grow.

At the same time, they organise different events to raise awareness all over the world about men’s heath problems, especially prostate cancer and testicular cancer. Another of the aims of this initiative is to raise funds to help those institutions involved in improving men’s health.

Movember: the origin

Today, Movember is a great movement, which is active in thousands of towns and cities all over the world and is an example of involvement at all levels. However, we need to go back to 2003, when, in Australia, a group of 30 men decided to let their moustaches grow as an original way of supporting a friend who had prostate cancer.

The initiative became bigger after 2004 with the first steps of the Movember Foundation, which, as part of its activities, focussed on raising donations with the aim of tackling prostate cancer in Australia itself.

Mo bros and Mo Sistas – who are they?

You don’t have to be a man and grow a moustache to be a member of this movement. The Mo Bros are the male members who decide to grow a moustache for the month of November to spark conversation in their immediate circle, which, thanks to the power of social networks, ends up by becoming a great platform for communication.

The Mo Sistas are the women who decide to join Movember and they encourage participation and help in raising funds and driving the different events that take place throughout November forward.

A movement that is much more than pure anecdote Apart from being a platform to raise collective awareness about cancer, its problems and the reality of cancer, we must really stress the amazing ability of Movember to mobilise and to raise funds all over the world. In 2010, Movember had more than 440,000 people participating and managed to raise funds in excess of 50 million euros all over the world.

If we go back to its very beginning, the Movember Foundation has raised a total of 409 million euros, financing more than 800 programmes in 21 countries.

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