Surgeries that can be avoided


Today medical advances in treatments and orthopaedic solutions can avoid numerous operations, ensuring that there is a quicker recovery time, while having less impact on the patient’s body through less aggressive treatments.

At Best Doctors, we consider it vital to have a thorough and reliable diagnosis before any decision on the treatment of the patient is made. For this reason, we rely on the second medical opinion as a way of reinforcing any initial diagnosis. We must take into account that incorrect or inaccurate diagnosis may complicate or even prolong the recovery process of a patient.

With regard to this reality, Dr. Christine K. Cassel, Director of the American Board of Internal Medicine, considers that 30% of medical spending does not have a direct impact on the patient nor does it solve their problems. In addition, she says that unnecessary treatments are not just an economic threat due to the expenditure they involve, but in some cases, they may even imply a risk to the patient’s health.

Cases such as Thom McDaniels’, a well-known football coach, are more and more frequent. His case is characteristic of a professional in a very demanding sport which took him to the operating table on seven occasions during his playing days due to his battered knees.

McDaniels recently suffered a new injury in training. The recommended initial treatment, as in previous cases, was reconstructive surgery. However, following a review of the diagnosis, he decided to try an external fixation system without surgery, whose results continue to be very satisfactory.

As we have mentioned in previous posts on this blog, clear communication between patient and physician is the most important thing in preventing inaccurate diagnosis, unnecessary costs and inadequate treatment.

Should we question our diagnosis?

According to Evan Falchuk, vice president of Best Doctors, the percentage of cases of misdiagnosis reviewed by Best Doctors in America is between 15% and 26%. Whilst according to the data provided by the Journal of Clinical Oncology, misdiagnosis may be as much as 44% of cancer cases.

As patients, we must commit ourselves to our health and, to a certain extent, also to the diagnosis we receive from medical professionals. For that reason we must be able to come up with new approaches, ideas or proposals which help us reassess the diagnosis if necessary, through trust, dialogue, and the proximity with our specialist.

It is much easier with a second opinion

It is in this situation where the services offered by Best Doctors become a tool for you to feel safer. You can have peace of mind by having one of the world’s leading specialists evaluate all the medical evidence, to review the diagnosis, and to provide you with an expert second opinion which confirms or clarifies the initial diagnosis.

When we speak of our health, there is no room for error. This can only be achieved by being sure of the information and the initial diagnosis we have.