Infertility: the greatest fear of many couples

One of the main concerns of couples who want to have children is the possibility of having infertility problems that prevent them from fulfilling their great wish.

To deal with this situation, we should seek advice from a specialist in order to obtain an in-depth knowledge of the specific case of both partners to rule out diseases or problems, but also to find, to the extent possible, the most effective treatment or solution.

Definition and Causes According to the definition of given by the World Health Organization, “infertility” is the inability of a sexually active couple, who does not use contraception, to achieve pregnancy within one year. Contrary to popular opinion, infertility can occur in men as well as in women, and for very different reasons. Female Infertility In the case of women fertility, problems are often linked to ovulation or to the Fallopian tubes. -       Ovulation problems They may occur by anovulation: the altering of the ovulation as a result of ovarian dysfunctions making women incapable of producing eggs. Problems may also arise when ovulation exists, but it Read more