Alzheimer: the disease that erases our past

Alzheimer’s disease is definitely one of the illnesses of our time and also probably of our future, as well as being one of the most common causes of dementia.

This degenerative disease usually manifests itself through increasingly frequent forgetfulness or carelessness. However, we must remember that, in addition to our memory, it may affect the patient’s ability to communicate (language), their reasoning, their behavior and their ability to understand.

Fortunately, in the last few years significant progress has been made towards the discovery of a vaccine against Alzheimer's disease that will minimize the impact of the disease on patients, as well as improve their quality of life at all levels. Figures that we should not eliminate from our memory Taking stock of the current situation of the disease in our environment, we can review the numbers of affected people in countries such as Spain, where the figures reach 500,000 patients and where it is estimated that there could also be about 300,000 cases yet to be diagnosed. With regard to research into Read more