Antibiotics and a glass of water

Antibiotics are a miracle of modern medicine, contributing to the control of infectious diseases and saving countless lives.

But too much of a good thing has led to a global problem. The misuse of these drugs by health workers and patients has accelerated the pace of antibiotic resistance, one of the greatest threats to global health and development.

Patients and those working within the healthcare industry need to work together to contain this growing problem. For health professionals, this means being judicious when it comes to prescribing and dispensing antibiotics. For individuals, this means helping to prevent infection through a variety of measures (such as vaccinations and regular hand washing) while being responsible about the use of antibiotics. The repercussions of antibiotic resistance are wide-ranging— a decreased ability to treat infection and illnesses in people, animals and plants can lead to increased illness and death, increased cost and length of treatments, and increased side effects from the use of Read more

Second Medical Opinions, Actively Helping Save Lives

Icons intertwined in a web representing medical testing

There are many barriers to diagnostic accuracy, like time pressures on physicians, availability of specialists and fragmented care.

That’s why it’s crucial for patients to find the doctor who is right for them and their condition. Some of the characteristics often shared by best physicians are: Board-certified and up-to-date on the latest medical research. Published in prominent medical journals. Affiliated with centers of excellence in the medical world. Recognized by other physicians for their expertise in a specialty. Open to partnering with other physicians to best serve their patients. Best Doctors has an unparalleled process that enables us to allow only the best minds in medicine to consult on our cases. We start by asking, “If you or a Read more

Speaking up when you’re not sure

When facing a medical condition, being confident about our diagnosis and treatment is key. However, irrespective of the quality of the care we receive from our doctors, questions may remain.

Questions may arise because our symptoms can’t be explained by any one condition or seem to have no explanation at all our imaging, biopsies or lab results are interpreted by our doctor as “borderline” or inconclusive we have consulted more than one doctor or specialist and have received different diagnoses we have been given a “firm” diagnosis but the treatment we are following does not appear to be improving our symptoms Working with your doctor When uncertainty occurs, it is vital that we work closely with our doctor in order to get to the root of our symptoms and receive the right treatment. Our active participation Read more