Making headway in the treatment of melanoma

This is undeniably true. When talking about our health, perhaps the greatest concern is cancer and its significant impact, which goes beyond the patient and has important consequences for all their family and even their work environment.

In this regard, whatever positive result occurs (however small it may be) in the fight against this evil, should be taken as a victory for us all, and especially if we are speaking about a significant development, as is the case here.

We, at Best Doctors, are delighted to be able to echo one of the most encouraging investigations published in recent times as far as our body’s fight against diseases such as melanoma is concerned.

Taking the cancer cells out of hiding This may be the key, given the fact that recent research has brought to light that some cancer cells use a cloaking mechanism that prevents our immune system from detecting and removing them. Once this strange and secret disguise of tumour cells has been discovered, we try to remove the camouflage and tackle the problem with much more probability of success, as we have seen thus far. New opportunities for treatment which have already delivered interesting results. This discovery has begun to bear fruit in the treatment of melanoma thanks to the effects of a drug that Read more

Skin cancer is a preventable disease

Skin cancer is a disease that can be prevented if we take precautions as well as responsibility for our health.


We must know and understand the risks of excessive exposure to ultraviolet rays. We can not forget that the skin is an organ of our body. In fact, it is the largest of all, with an approximate surface area of 2 m2 and a thickness ranging from 0.5 mm on the eyelids to 4 mm on the heel.

Protecting our skin is in our hands. It's not complicated. If we think of the good of our health and we want to avoid diseases that may prove to be serious, the tips are very clear:  - Do not expose yourself excessively to the sun, especially during the most dangerous times: between 11 am and 15 pm -  Always wear sunglasses and protective clothing - Use a sun cream with a sun protection factor appropriate for your skin type - Reduce solarium sessions Figures and types of cancer  Skin cancer is the most common of all. According to WHO data, in December 2009 the global figures Read more