All the right moves for Parkinson’s sufferers

Tomorrow marks the 2nd annual World Brain Day, sponsored by the World Federation of Neurology. On this occasion, Best Doctors looks at how people all over the world have harnessed the power of dance as an effective treatment for Parkinson’s, a debilitating neurological condition.

Parkinson’s disease is a progressive, neurodegenerative disorder resulting from the loss of brain cells responsible for producing dopamine, a chemical that controls body movement and muscle coordination. Symptoms vary, but may include tremors, shaking and difficulty moving or walking. Sufferers can also experience cognitive symptoms, such as anxiety, and limitations with problem solving, thinking and memory. 4 in 1000, or approximately 80,000 people in Australia suffer from Parkinson’s disease. In people over 60 years old, Parkinson’s incidence increases to 1 in 100. There is still no cure, yet treatments and therapies are available which can control symptoms and help improve Read more