Red hair gene also increases risk skin cancer on non-red haired people

Redheaded woman wearing a hat in the sun

New research suggests that anyone could hold the gene for red hair, which gives them, just like redheads, a greater risk of developing skin cancer.

It is commonly known that redheads have a higher risk of developing skin cancer. Their gene structure shows that the pigment production which leads to red hair, pale skin and freckles is also responsible for an increased risk of skin cancer when exposed to the sun. However, these genes are not exclusive to redheads, as it now appears that light and dark-haired or eyed people can also hold this gene, which means that they could be at risk as well. MC1R gene The MC1R gene instructs our cells to produce pigment and tan the skin, to protect it against UV-radiation when exposed Read more

Innovations in the fight against cancer

the heading of an infographic entitled “Innovations in the fight against cancer”

October is World Breast Cancer Awareness month and Best Doctors has decided to dedicate all of this month’s posts to cancer topics ranging from new studies to expert insight.

In our first post, we look at innovation. From faster and more accurate testing to new approaches to drug treatments, researchers are gaining ground in the battle against cancer. We show you 5 of these promising advances.

From new skin cancer treatment to ground-breaking studies for breast cancer and pancreatic cancer, Best Doctors keeps you up to date on the latest cancer breakthroughs and research findings. Read more