Surgeries that can be avoided

Today medical advances in treatments and orthopaedic solutions can avoid numerous operations, ensuring that there is a quicker recovery time, while having less impact on the patient’s body through less aggressive treatments.

At Best Doctors, we consider it vital to have a thorough and reliable diagnosis before any decision on the treatment of the patient is made. For this reason, we rely on the second medical opinion as a way of reinforcing any initial diagnosis. We must take into account that incorrect or inaccurate diagnosis may complicate or even prolong the recovery process of a patient.

With regard to this reality, Dr. Christine K. Cassel, Director of the American Board of Internal Medicine, considers that 30% of medical spending does not have a direct impact on the patient nor does it solve their problems. In addition, she says that unnecessary treatments are not just an economic threat due to the expenditure they involve, but in some cases, they may even imply a risk to the patient’s health. Cases such as Thom McDaniels’, a well-known football coach, are more and more frequent. His case is characteristic of a professional in a very demanding sport which took him to Read more