There is no such thing as a miracle diet


 At Best Doctors, as always, we rely on the skills and knowledge of medical specialists dealing with any decision that may affect our health. From our point of view, nutrition is as important as any other aspect of our health which we usually tackle with more rigo

It is clear that our eating habits are key when it comes to enjoying a healthy lifestyle as well as a healthy state throughout our body. Therefore, we recommend that prior to “testing” any diet, speak with your nutritionist to evaluate your physical condition and the possible effects that the diet may subsequently cause.

Food as a biopsychosocial process

The term “biopsychosocial” refers to the reasons, which go beyond the strictly nutritional, why human beings eat. When we eat, we satisfy not only our biological needs, but also our psychological and social needs.

And that is why food is a very important factor for our physical and emotional health. If we focus on a purely biological point of view, the food enables us to acquire essential substances for life.

Food provides us with the necessary energy for the most basic activities of our body and they become the raw material which holds the fundamental structure of our body together: skin, muscle, blood or bones.
Throughout our lives we can eat about 70,000 meals and 60 tons of food which will make a difference to our health, in one way or another. Therefore, we must be aware of the risks of making decisions about our eating patterns, and these must not be taken lightly.

The minimum requirements of any diet

According to experts, the dietary management of an overweight person must meet the following requirements:

–       They must be able to be maintained over time, under the strict supervision of a nutritionist
–       They have to prevent relapse (that is, once weight is lost by the patient they put it back on again)
–       It should bring about a learning or food education process by the patient (one of the most important factors for long-term health)
–       They should decrease cardiovascular risks linked to excessive overweight (pre-diabetes, hypertension, etc.)
–       Functionality should increase the capacity and quality of life of patients

And most importantly of all, the health of the patient, who resorts to a diet, must not in any way be jeopardised.

At Best Doctors, we believe that a poor diet is a health problem. That is why we urge you to talk to an expert nutritionist about any decision concerning a regime or diet that may affect your energy, your body and your quality of life now and in the future.