Why is a second opinion important?


Today we could provide you with a large number of reasons why we recommend using Best Doctors’ services, but we believe the best way to talk about ourselves is to do it through accounts given by some patients who, through our services, have received a second opinion from the world’s leading specialists.

This is Declan’s story

Declan suffered a nose injury while playing rugby and after his first operation, started to experience breathing problems, especially at night. His mother, Sian, began to worry because, although everything seemed to be going fine, her son felt worse after an operation that was supposedly going to solve his problem.

The first doctor they consulted informed them of the potential risk of a second operation leading to a permanent hole in Declan’s nose, which inevitably caused certain confusion in the family.

Declan and his mother soon discovered that their insurance policy allowed for the possibility to consult Best Doctors. In Sian’s own words: “Best Doctors took the time required to respond to each and every one of my questions and explain everything in detail.”

The nasal surgery expert selected by Best Doctors concluded that, after reviewing the evidence, Declan’s symptoms were related to a nasal obstruction. According to the same specialist, the first operation was carried out successfully.

In order to verify the diagnosis, a nasal scan was performed on Declan, which confirmed the presence of a narrowing in the nose that resulted in breathing problems. After testing, it was proved that the best decision to prevent long-term problems was a second operation.

As later acknowledged Sian Best, Declan’s mother: “If we had not consulted Best Doctors, my son would not have gone ahead with a second operation that has made such a vast difference in his quality of life.”

A second opinion from the best experts in the world offers a unique peace of mind

Declan’s case is an example of what a second medical opinion can offer you. Our medical ignorance is just one of the problems we have as patients when we receive an initial diagnosis of a disease.


We are not experts and, more often than not, everything that surrounds our health affects us deeply, which subsequently raises many doubts.


Best Doctors gives us the peace of mind of knowing that, in case of any doubt, we can corroborate our medical diagnosis with the opinion of one of the best experts in the specific specialty and subspecialty of our problem. At Best Doctors we provide the patient with the experience and talent of 53,000 specialists who are regarded as the best by their own colleagues.

This is just a small part of what Best Doctors can do for your health. If you are looking for personalised attention, quality of service, good rapport and all the tranquility you need at key moments, you can be sure to find it at www.askbestdoctors.com

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