Organic food: a great asset to our health


According to a recent study led by Professor Carlo Leifert of Newcastle University, and published in the British Journal of Nutrition, organic foods incorporate more antioxidants than first believed. In addition to this, it is considered as being much healthier than food that is usually found in supermarkets on account of a significantly lower presence of pesticides and toxic metals for our body.

This research consists of a total of 343 test results (along with various preparatory work), and which contests other studies from prestigious institutions that seemed to indicate that organic products – those whose cultivation had no traces of any pesticide or chemical fertilisers – did not provide higher nutritional content or benefits for the health of our body.

In that regard, the recent research carried out by the Leifert team holds that there are “significant differences” that would prove the superiority of organic food over the rest in terms of nutrition and health. According to the aforementioned study, these types of products have a distinctly higher level of antioxidants than other foods with figures ranging between 19% and 69% more than those considered “conventional foods”.

Lower presence of toxic metals and pesticide residues

In regard to the appearance of harmful content that may result from the process of fertilisation or growing food, the team from the University of Newcastle has also concluded that organic products have much lower levels of toxic metals such as cadmium (whose toxicity is similar to that of mercury), and much lower levels of pesticides (up to four times less) than in everyday food products.

Organic food: more than just a fad

The truth is that even before knowing the outcome of this study, we could already observe a trend in consumers who, in recent times, have been valuing the benefits of organic food. The figures in the UK speak of the main motivating factors that the British state when filling their shopping trolley with these products: according to some surveys, the main reason for choosing organic products is health (55% of the responses), while 53% of respondents say they choose these foods to avoid the presence of chemicals. As regards the environmental commitment, 44% of the participants use environmental concern as the main basis for their willingness to consume organic food, while 35% chose these types of products for their taste.

At Best Doctors we encourage you, on the basis of this and other existing research, to draw your own conclusions about the right foods to use in your daily diet; although, we would also like to point out the importance, which we do not always appreciate, of proper nutrition for our health.

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