Privacy policy

All your queries regarding privacy and/or the processing of your personal data by Best Doctors UK Ltd (hereinafter “Best Doctors” or “we” or “us”) and or Best Doctors Services you can send to us at: 68 King William Street, London, EC4N, 7DZ, United Kingdom and, or C/ Almagro 36, 28010, madrid, spain and or email address:

If you do not agree with any of the purposes or manners of processing of personal data set out in this policy, please do not use our services. If you (still) would use our services, we understand that you agree to the purposes and or manners of processing as described in this policy.

The kind of personal data: Best Doctors only processes personal information that is necessary for us to be able to render our services. Therefore the kind and amount of personal information that is processed depends on the service you want to use. Often however the personal information we would need from you would include: your personal (contact and identification) details, that of your relatives and/ or friends who might represent you, your insurance policy details, and we would need to process the personal data of your medical history in order to be able to render our services.

Purpose of personal data collection: Best Doctors may process such personal information for the purpose of: providing a 2nd medical opinion, storing of your personal data, providing care to you at home, recommending hospitals and /or doctors, communicating with you in relation to the services you have contracted or services we think might be interesting for you in the future, sending of newsletters (for example when you register for newsletters in our blog at; asking if you would like to participate in promoting our services; checking your eligibility for the services; checking the quality of the services rendered, complaint handling, statistical data analysis, management information, administrative actions, debt recovery and crime prevention.

Voice recording: Best Doctors will record the conversations it has with the users of its services. It does so in order to be able to listen back to conversations and in that way improve the quality of our services. It also does so to obtain a verbal authorization where that is necessary or more convenient than a written authorization. So please make sure to let us know, if you do not want that your conversations are recorded and stored.

Best Doctors services with Insurance component: Where you would have entered into a relationship with Best Doctors whereby Best Doctors acts as the representative of an insurance company, the purposes of processing personal information may also include underwriting (processing the personal data provided in order to evaluate the risk of insurance), providing quotations and claims handling. Where you would have used the Best Doctors Services as part of your insurance policy and the treatment might be eligible to be paid by your insurance company, Best Doctors would have to provide your insurance company with your personal information for it to verify if payment of such treatment is forthcoming under the insurance and correct.

If you do not want that Best Doctors processes your personal information or part of it, it can be that we cannot render you the services. We would have to decide that on a case to case basis.

Best Doctors′ Database, processing by collaborating parties and Best Doctors group companies:
Your personal information shall be stored in the data bases of Best Doctors and processed in an automatic and manual manner. Your personal data shall be processed by medical and administrative collaborators of Best Doctors. These collaborators can be employees or external service providers that work on behalf of Best Doctors for the provision of the Services. Your personal data shall be communicated between Best Doctors group companies that provide services to each other in order to provide you the services. Only collaborators with a qualified medical background shall access your medical data. The employees and collaborators only access the kind of data that they should have knowledge of in order to carry out their work.

International Data Transfers: Your personal data may be sent to other countries than where you reside. Those countries may not have the same level of data protection as where you reside. Your personal data can be transferred out of, for example, the European Union, Australasia or any other country where you reside and sent to our headquarters Best Doctors Inc. in the United States of America. Best Doctors Inc. is qualified as “safe harbor” according to the rules of the USA and the European Union and the International personal data transfer is necessary in order to render the services.

Access, correction, cancellation to and of your personal data: If you want to exercise any of these rights you can do so by sending us an email or letter to the address indicated in the first paragraph of this policy. Please do attach proof or your identity when making any request.

For the purpose of keeping your personal data as up to date as possible, we would like you to report to us any changes to your personal data that might be relevant for the services.

Requests on behalf of others: This applies if the subject of the medical consultation is not the end user of our services, for example, the user is making use of the service for the benefit of their child. Best Doctors will not accept or receive any information from a person requesting the services on behalf of a third party subject unless proof of express authorisation from the third party subject can be provided. Such express authorization shall also state that the subject has been duly informed about the Terms and privacy policy of Best Doctors. Best Doctors shall be authorized to process the subject´s personal information and transfer such information outside the country of residence. If the subject is under 16, Best Doctors will accept and/or receive information from a person who can show evidence of their parental or guardianship status in relation to the subject. If the subject is incapacitated, Best Doctors will only accept and/or receive information from a person who has legal authority to act on behalf of the subject. If the person subject of the service is over 14 years of age we would also require his/ her consent to make use of the services.

Confidentiality, security and storage periods: Best Doctors assures full compliance with the duties of confidentiality and protection of privacy of the personal data by adopting the technical, organisational and security measures necessary to prevent unauthorized access, alteration, loss or disclosure of the personal data. The applicable laws of the various jurisdictions under which Best Doctors works under can impose upon us that we store your personal data Best Doctors for a certain period of time, even after the services have been provided. However Best Doctors does not process your personal data for any longer than necessary for providing the services. In effect that means that your records are kept for ten years in the United States of America and for 15 years in the European Union.

We do not sell your personal data to third parties.