Can we predict the onset of Alzheimer’s?


According to recent research, it seems that it is possible, as a new type of blood test could indicate whether the disease will appear within one year with a degree of accuracy of 87%.  

This is, without a doubt, a major discovery made by King’s College London and Oxford University, along with other research centres, in this great mission for the scientific community – the early detection of Alzheimer’s.

According to the team of researchers involved, a blood test could identify as many as 10 proteins whose presence would determine with an accuracy rate of almost 90% whether patients with mild cognitive impairment will develop Alzheimer's over the following 12 months. Extensive research offers encouraging results   To carry out this study, blood samples from 1,148 people were taken, of which 474 had already been diagnosed with Alzheimer's. The test results showed that 220 individuals had mild cognitive impairment, while 452 were elderly people without dementia. In the first analysis, up to 26 proteins that could be considered indicators of the disease were Read more