Healthy eating and changes in our lifestyle in the battle against cancer

When we think of doing battle against the terrible cancer cells the first things that spring to mind are radiation therapy and chemotherapy or surgery. However, the case of Dr. Odile Fernandez undoubtedly will make us reflect and evaluate other options that could become a complement to the usual treatments.

Odile Fernández is a Spanish doctor who was diagnosed in 2010 with ovarian cancer with multiple metastases, whose five year survival rate was only 5%. After a number of years, not only has she overcome cancer, but she has become a mother for the second time too.

How did she manage to overcome such a situation? Part of Odile's story is included in her book "My Anti-Cancer Recipes", which was published a few months ago and which is now in its 5th edition. The title of the book is based on Odile's own experience, but it is not based on a treatment that is "magic". The idea which the author/patient wants to convey in her work is that we can do a lot in our fight against cancer by changing our diets and improving some of our living habits.  One has to be courageous to deal with certain changes Read more