Coeliacs and Misdiagnosis

Coeliac Disease Prevalence of Coeliac Disease diagnosis is on the rise on a global scale. This medical issue, also known as coeliac sprue and gluten-sensitive enteropathy, is defined by WebMD as a digestive and autoimmune disorder that results in damage to the lining of the small intestine when foods with gluten are eaten. Gluten is a mixture of proteins that is found in many of our day-to-day foods. It is specifically found in wheat and other grains including oat, rye and barley. recently published alarming global statics indicating that 1 in 100 people are affected by Coeliac Disease. Gluten intolerance has risen on Read more

Crowdfunding for a cure

With World Digestive Health Day just around the corner on May 29th, we look at how technology and the social media networks can also be an effective ally for researchers of coeliac disease and the patients they seek to help.

From Twitter to the Apple ResearchKit to the multitude of mobile apps on the market,in previous posts we have looked at ways that technology and social media can encourage medical information sharing for the benefit of more and more people around the world.With World Digestive Health Day just around the corner (May 29th) it is therefore the perfect time to look at how technology and social media can also be an effective ally for researchers – and ultimately patients- when it comes to raising both funds and awareness for coeliac disease. An elusive diagnosis can mean years of suffering Due to its Read more

Do you have coeliac condition, but don’t know it yet?

At Best Doctors, we want you to have more and more information to enable you to make decisions concerning your health, always with a focus on safety. That is why, this time we have created a simple and didactic chart, which will help you better understand the coeliac disease and its symptoms.


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