Creating artificial skin for future treatment of extensive burns

At Best Doctors, we believe numerous research projects on tissue creation which have begun to yield relevant results in recent months are worth mentioning. However, as researchers have already pointed out, we should be aware that some of these projects are still in their early stages and that difficulties may arise when applying such scientific advances to the treatment of human patients.

Such is the case of a recent study published in the journal Stem Cells Translational Medicine and conducted by a team at the University of Granada, led by Antonio Campos, who have managed to grow artificial skin from specific cells, known as Wharton’s jelly cells, found in our umbilical cord.

The main advantage of the future application of this artificial skin is its time-saving quality when it comes to major-burn victims. It currently takes weeks for skin to be grown from a patient’s healthy skin tissue in order to treat the entire affected body surface. Another significant advantage derived from this study is that in a few years’ time it might be possible to store artificial skin in tissue banks for the purpose of treating patients immediately after an accident, thus greatly improving the chances of treatment being successful. Generating epithelial cells as a first step to creating skin One of the most Read more