3D Printer Produces Functioning Ovaries

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The intricate potential that 3D printing has on their field of medicine continues to evolve and many scientists believe that the possibilities are endless. A recent landmark study has taken 3D printing to a whole new level.

The study was conducted by a team of scientists at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine and McCormick School of Engineering. Their intention was to begin exploring possible fertility solutions that could ultimately be used to restore female cancer victims’ ability to conceive if they become sterile as a result of chemotherapy or radiation. The experiment was conducted on female mice and began by removing an ovary from each of them. The scientists used a 3D printer to create bioprosthetic ovaries to replace those who had been previously removed. The man-made ovaries are printed scaffolds that house immature eggs[1] and the Read more

Gynaecological examination – an appointment you must not overlook

Although some women find it difficult to go to the gynaecologist due to a variety of reasons (embarrassment, discomfort, etc.), the truth is that from a health point of view, this appointment is a must, as it will enable you to prevent the risks of cancer and different STDs, as well as to review fertility options for future pregnancies.

The importance of an annual check up At Best Doctors we believe in prevention as an essential tool in the fight against health problems. Therefore, a yearly visit to the gynaecologist is recommended when a woman’s sex life begins. It is a routine gynaecological examination primarily based on the Pap smear test, which allows the gynaecologist to find possible injury to the cervix or detect early stages of cervical cancer. In either of these eventualities, we have the possibility of keeping the health problem under control, by way of specific medical follow-ups or surgery. What is a Pap smear? It is carried out for further Read more