Women and Diabetes: advocating for medical equality

Women and Diabetes, WDD 2017

World Diabetes Day is celebrated every year on the 14th of November. WDD promotes a specific theme each year to highlight the importance of various medical and social aspects that are affected by this condition.

The organisation has chosen 2017 as the year they focus on “Women and Diabetes”. The statistics are truly alarming. There are currently 199 million women who are living and dealing with diabetes around the world. This figure is projected to skyrocket to 313 million by the year 2040[1]. WDD partners advocate for the right to women’s affordable and equitable access to knowledge, information, essential medicines and technologies to ensure self-management, better outcomes and ultimately, increase their capacity to prevent type 2 diabetes. Women and girls with diabetes can often face stigmatisation and discrimination because of the accumulation of stigmas this gender carries Read more