Feeding the Heart

Feeding the heart

At Best Doctors we go to great lengths to promote correct diagnosis, treatment plans and prevention. We help analyse medical cases and give second opinions to thousands of patients every year all over the world, many whom are suffering from critical diseases including cardiovascular related medical issues.

Our experts bring such an incredible amount of experience and case analysis to the second medical opinion process and currently 10% of cardiovascular cases review result with a change of diagnosis and a staggering 33% of cases are recommended a change in treatment plan[1]. The first heart cells begin to beat when a foetus is as young as 4 weeks old and this organ continues to develop into one that will play a vital role in our quality of life.  During a lifetime the average heart will beat 3 billion times and will pump an average of 3.8 million litres of Read more

Our health starts with a good diet

As we have discussed in past editions of this blog, our health does not depend solely on our doctors, an accurate diagnosis and effective treatment. Our health is in our hands more than we think. Our well-being is dependent upon our ability to get to know and become aware of our body, as well as to prevent health problems through healthy habits and behaviours that become essential as we get older.

Without a doubt, one of the habits that can enhance our health and quality of life is good nutrition. A nutritious and balanced daily diet will provide us with proteins, vitamins and carbohydrates that our body needs for its daily physical and mental activity, helping to prevent some health problems that may become severe. Diseases that may have its origins in a poor diet Heart problems The excess fats are always a bad travelling companion when it comes to our health. The high consumption of fats in our body produces high levels of cholesterol - known as "bad" - and hypertension, both of Read more