A healthy approach to your holiday

a pineapple made to look like a woman lying in the sand, wearing big white sunglasses, a purple orchid in its leaves, and draped with an orange and pink sarong

Many of us are taking holidays this time of year and, along with the travel, sightseeing and relaxation, the restaurants, picnics and get-togethers with friends and family abound with tasty food temptations. With the exception of those going on spa, cycling or adventure sport holidays, most vacationers are at risk of putting on a few extra pounds. In fact, a UK study found that British holiday-goers gained between 5 and 8 pounds after a two-week trip[i].

There’s no need to panic and cancel your picnic plans. With a little planning and knowledge you can have your cake- or mojito, or ice cream- and eat it too. That’s why in today’s post we take a closer look at certain foods considered “healthy” and those considered “unhealthy”. As with most things, the key is moderation. Fruit True, it’s natural sugar, but fruit contains sugar all the same. With our daily sugar consumption already higher than many of us realize, eating too much fruit can take us over our daily limit. More than 5 piece of fruit, especially “sugary” tropical fruits Read more