Beware of dyspepsia at Christmas

We are not talking about a new Christmas sweet treat imported from other countries. The dreaded dyspepsia, more commonly known as indigestion, is one of the greatest threats to our health at this time of year, when we usually eat and drink excessively.

We know  how hard it is to resist traditional Christmas meals, in which we usually find a vast display of cold meats, seafood, foods that are very salty or have a high fat content, high grade alcoholic beverages and sweets.

Sometimes this unhealthy food and drink "cocktail" may lead us to experience sluggish digestion. But other times it may be too heavy a concoction for our body, leading to severe indigestion. The undesirable symptoms of indigestion Dyspepsia is characterised by discomfort in the upper abdominal area during meals or in the hours that follow. The symptoms of dyspepsia might include: Bloating and accumulated gas. Pain and heartburn in the area between the lower part of our sternum and the navel. Unpleasant feeling of fullness, which we may begin to experience even before the end of the meal. The occurrence of nausea is also possible, though less Read more