Breast Cancer Figures. Risk factors and prevention

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Breast cancer is the second most commonly diagnosed cancer in the world. It is a disease that affects millions of women all over the world every day and also affects men, although still to a lesser extent.

The figures give us an overview of the problem of breast cancer, but as Best Doctors always says, behind every statistic, there is an individual with a name and with a case which is worth studying so that the correct diagnosis can be made and effective treatment given.

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X-Raying our hearts

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This year, World Heart Day is 29th September and our heart is certainly an organ we should focus on every single day of the year.

Using graphics, Best Doctors would like to use this date to help raise awareness about the risks that some of our bad habits can have on our cardiovascular system and to contribute to better understanding how our hearts work through surprising and informative facts.    infographics, heart, risks, cardiovascular system,

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