A team of Spanish scientists have managed to create the first “mini kidneys” in a laboratory

Fortunately, scientific advances in human stem cell research continue to pay off. In today’s Best Doctors Blog post we would like to discuss a recent research project that, for the first time, has managed to generate three-dimensional “mini kidneys”.

This is long-awaited and promising news for all patients who suffer from kidney diseases, given that their chances of improvement and the creation of treatments to target their conditions may increase in the not so distant future.

Diseases whose impact has risen in recent years Kidney diseases are one of the biggest challenges faced by the medical community worldwide. Their effect on millions of people imply that research in this field is both urgent and essential, since it is the only way to find effective and real treatment alternatives for the coming decades. In the U.S., for instance, the number of patients suffering from kidney failure requiring dialysis or kidney transplants has doubled in just over fifteen years. Comparing progress in kidney research with that already achieved with other organs Even though other research teams from different countries had previously Read more