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Cardiovascular diseases are, without a doubt, one of the most important aspects regarding our well-being. They are also one of our main concerns when it comes to health issues.

The above is understandable for if we look at the estimates of deaths in Western countries for the coming years, we will be able to see that 1 in 3 deaths will occur as a result of a cardiovascular disease.

The impact of cardiovascular diseases in Europe According to data from the European Society of Cardiology: • Every year cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) cause over 4 million deaths in Europe, with 1.9 million of them taking place in the EU. • CVDs cause 47% of deaths in Europe and 40% in the EU. • The rates of obesity, one of the major risk factors, are high in virtually all of Europe. In particular, the data of child obesity in UK is alarming: statistics from the most recent large-scale survey inthe UK shockingly reveal that 25 percent of boys and 33 percent of girls aged between Read more