Fighting against Alzheimer’s before it shows up

Alzheimer’s is a form of dementia that affects the functionality of the brain causing memory problems, difficulties when developing thought processes and problems in our behaviour.

One of the aspects that without a doubt makes the disease more serious is the worsening of symptoms over time, which greatly decreases the quality of life of patients.

Fortunately, after years of study of the disease, the medical community has come to the conclusion that there are certain risk factors which, if reduced, could prevent millions of people being affected by Alzheimer's. There are seven determining risk factors  When physicians refer to variables that can negatively impact the development of Alzheimer's, they indicate the following main factors: Smoking High blood pressure Diabetes Obesity Depression Low mental activity Sedentary lifestyle It is important to highlight that Alzheimer's is not part of the human being's own process of ageing. Clearly, there is an increased likelihood of developing this disease in the following patients: Older patients Read more