Living with osteoarthritis – a disease that in many instances limits a patient’s ability to lead a normal life

Arthrosis, also known as osteoarthritis, is an extremely painful degenerative disease that affects the joints and incapacitates those who suffer from it.

In the face of this disease, major advances that are being promoted by governments and institutions of different countries are being made in research, diagnosis and treatment of symptoms. That said, approach to the disease has changed considerably in the recent past.

According to some experts, the concept of osteoarthritis as a disease has seen a transformation from being a disease that affected only the cartilaginous tissue to be considered a chronic disease of the whole joint (ankle, wrist, etc.). A disease that is very present in the world around us According to WHO data, osteoarthritis is among the 10 diseases with the highest number of disparities generated around the world. If we turn our attention to specific areas of the world, we can find some statistics, according to which 27 million Americans could be suffering from osteoarthritis. Considering the increase in life expectancy for Read more